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            ทดลองใช้ฟรี โปรแกรมคำนวณ บาคาร่า

            Last year, we improved our application processing times by becoming more efficient in our review processes. We did this without affecting public involvement or the protection of public safety and the environment.

            Find out how we’re performing against our targets.

            Methane Reduction in Alberta

            We’re collaborating with the Government of Alberta to reduce methane emissions from Alberta’s upstream oil and gas industry by 45 per cent by 2025.

            Putting a Microscope on Industry Water Use

            Our Water Performance Report shows how water is allocated and used by companies in Alberta to recover oil, gas, and oil sands resources.

            Integrated Decision Approach

            We’re changing the way we regulate—our processes, the way we make decisions, and the way we communicate with our stakeholders.

            Doing What it Takes to Keep Wildlife Safe

            Spill-response co-op pulls out all the stops when tackling an oil release

            Discover more stories with energy


            Canadian Natural Resources Limited/Dean Smith (Proceeding 371) - July 10, 2019

            Regulatory appeal of the February 6, 2017 reclamation certification for a site at 09-55-4W4M

            View the hearing details

            Public Notice of Applications

            Using the Public Notice of Application tool, interested parties can access and search specific areas of the province for applications filed with the regulator in the last 30 days.

            Go to the Public Notice of Application Tool.